Kait is an Indonesian brand based in Malang, Indonesia. Kait's products specially handmade and mostly using breathable, biodegradable, and eco-friendly materials.

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Indonesia Good Design Award (IGDA)


Good Design Indonesia (GDI) is a model adapted from "G-Mark" design selection in Japan. G-Mark is a trademark held by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion, and only recipients of a Good Design Award may use the G-Mark.

Recognition of attractive, user- friendly, and high quality products. Good design, enrich society, new discovery are qualities highly emphasized by the judges.

KAIT Handmade has won the GDI-Best Award for "bamboo batik stole" and will be  presenting Indonesia in October 2018 for G-Mark selection in Japan.



Our philosophy


Kait tries to create unique craftsmanship experiences by exploring many kinds of textile production techniques, the yarns are knitted in many interesting ways to form sheet of fabrics or into a product.

Living in qualities is an art, which is why Kait is concerned in handcraftsmanship and artisanship using yarns that comes from natural fiber (eco-friendly and harmony with nature).

Kait believes in the values of diligence, simplicity, harmony, function, and comfort.


Vision & Mission

Kait is an effort to engage the hand craftsmanship and artisanship. The selection of materials limited only to high qualities & environmentally safe is also a way of kait to educate people about the understanding of living qualities.

Kait's enabling the women by giving them new abilities and capabilities towards a better living even tough in smaller scale.